Kendra Wilkinson Lesbian Tape Leaked with Taryn Ryan

The American television personality, Kendra Wilkinson who first made headlines for her tape with ex-boyfriend Justin Frye, has recently again got into trouble due to another tape but this time a lesbian one. Even thought the rumors about this tape surfaced five years ago but the news has again gained media attention after the reality star and former Playboy playmate’s friend Jessica Hall revealed new details about it.

As per reports, in this tape, Kendra Wilkinson is seen getting close with Taryn Ryan for 45 minutes and has been filmed in a night vision by her then-boyfriend Justin Frye and Taryn’s boyfriend. While speaking to a newspaper, her friend Jessica Hall said: “Kendra is a naughty girl, and when she filmed those tapes she was really living it up. Kendra let loose and had fun.”

Kendra Wilkinson Lesbian Tape Leaked with Taryn Ryan

Kendra Wilkinson Leaked Lesbian Tape

The lesbian tape of Kendra and Taryn originally leaked on the internet back in 2010 but Wilkinson did not show any major signs of frustration about and according to Jessica, she will not let this news affect her again. Everyone has a past, so Kendra won’t care about what people have to say, she’ll deal with it and move on.

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